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July 11, 2015. Although the site here has been pretty static, much has been happening behind the scenes. About a month ago, we published our first book project—a collection of short stories by David Perlmutter, who previously wrote “Split Decision”. His story collection, Certain Private Conversations… And Other Stories runs 225-ish pages. And can be had in print as well as electronically. (ePub versions available from Apple and Nook, Kindle from Amazon, and the print is available—soft and hard covers—from Amazon and from Blurb.) We’ll be releasing previews of some of the stories in the collection over time as well—and possibly a full story or two (haven’t decided about that yet).

And also, another new writer, Gregory Koch, who comes to us with an Asimovian parable called “Adam".

The short story—printed on the cheapest pulp newsprint around, gathered into “digest” magazines—is science fiction and fantasy’s native language and natural form. (Horror and mystery speak it, too.)

The Pulp Corner offers here short to medium length science fiction and fantasy stories to be bought and read “a la carte.” Sample them all, buy only the one(s) you like.

February 2014

More new firsts at the Pulp Corner—longer stories.

Here’s one that’s a traditional hard science fiction from research scientist Stephen R. Wilk:
The Flight of the HANS PFALL by Stephen R. Wilk

The Flight of the Hans Pfall

And the Pulp Corner’s first ever novella, clocking in at over 60 pages, by David Perlmutter:
Split Decision by David Perlmutter

Split Decision

November 2013

Been a long time between site updates, but there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes.

New Stories:

Two more new stories:

A Mynah for the King by Ahmed A. Khan

A Mynah for the King

by Ahmed A. Khan

What are stories good for? This new one by Ahmed Khan makes it clear.

Finger Food

by Gary Ives

Hospitals, ex-cons, and Washington Lobbyists—what could go wrong? A Pulp Corner first—Horror.

Flash Fiction

Something a little different for the Pulp Corner—flash fiction. Three disturbing, surreal pieces from Harry F. Kane. And because they’re short, the full content of each is free; but you can buy the collected and typeset edition!

Murder Extempore by Ken Lizzi

Still fresh: “Murder Extempore

by Ken Lizzi

A little bit different—more of a SciFi mystery, a genre to which I am personally partial.


Exclusive Story by Barbara E. Walton
In the Shadow of the Watch

Author of the Quantum Leap novel, Odyssey!

January 21, 2013 looks like it’s been a while since I’ve put anything new here; but there has been a lot going on behind the scenes. PulpCorner stories on iBooks, coming, now, very, very soon. And more.

September 4, 2012 Latest updates to the site… English-language intelligible URLS. Can’t say I haven’t learned something new.

Installed Adobe Creative Cloud—including TypeKit. Plus, soon—and I’m really anticipating this—Adobe Digital Editions which will allow me to turn our stories into iOS Apps!

And more stories in production, coming soon.

Great new story about the hazards of Faster-than-Light travel…

The Person Who Puts Down the Keys by DeAnna Knippling, who’s first book, Choose Your Doom: Zombie Apocalypse was recently published by Doom Press. Her work has also appeared in Three Lobed Burning Eye, Silverthought Online, and more. Click here to read more about it!

Still fresh:Eye of the Beholder” by Danica Green.

In the Shadow of the WatchAlways popular, the Pulp Corner exclusive—the first new original short story by Barbara Walton since her 1996 Quantum Leap tie-in novel, Odyssey. It’s a great fantasy coming-of-age story called “In the Shadow of the Watch”, and I’m sure you’ll love it. I did, and I don’t usually go for fantasy.

Next up, a fun short science fiction (and mystery) story by Pete Wood (who has also published in Bull Spec and Ray Gun Revival among others) called “The Wilson Boys and the Ship From Space.”

And there’s more coming soon! So watch this space!

New feature—Facebook comments!

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The 2000 Year Old Art of Page Design

February 27, 2013. So, this guy, Jani Patokallio, asserts that people will want to read books rendered in regular HTML in a browser. Which is to say, he is dissing ePub as a format.

… Here’s the thing—the thing that Patokallio might not know: Page design pre-dates printing. readers selected the codex—over the scroll—well before Gutenberg developed latinate moveable type. This means: People like pages; they don’t like scrolling; and this human factors development pre-dates printing, and logically will outlive it, too. … Read more.

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