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Welcome to Pulp Corner!

If you read short genre fiction—personally, I mostly read science fiction—then you’re familiar with the traditional digest-sized pulp magazines. I’m thinking here of magazines like Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction or Asimov’s or Analog. also Hitchcock’s and others in other genres.

They have their online analogues, too.

The thing about these magazines—and frankly they publish really good stuff—is that you have to buy the whole magazine. Suppose you’re flipping through one at a newsstand, and you see one story that looks interesting. Well, to get that one story, you’ve got to buy the whole magazine; and they retail for about $5. $6 for an electronic edition at FictionWise.

Why? In the digital age, on this Earth, why? Why can’t you buy only the stories that you want, on a one-off basis, at a reasonable price?

One reason has to do with the economics of printing, and the necessity of selling the whole package to support print advertising.

Fine. If you’re still living in print-world.

What about the online magazines, like Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show? You also can’t buy stories on a one-off, but have to buy an entire subscription.

Again, why?

And answering that question—why—is why we’re here.

At Pulp Corner, you can buy only the stories that you want. We’ll give you about 1/3 of the story to sample for free, and if you want it, you can buy the whole story for $.25-$.75, depending on length. (And we’ll sell in PDF and ePub to start with.)

And we’ll share a good percentage (details still to be worked out) of the revenues from those sales—and from display/banner/CPK ad revenue too—with our writers. We’ll pay on the back-end, on an ongoing basis (essentially royalties) rather than up-front for-hire.

This means that we don’t have limits on how many stories we can buy. We’ll publish anything we deem interesting and competent. No more, “You’re story is good, but we sold the last spot in the issue to someone whose work is more popular.” And we intend to take full advantage of web technologies. We plan to have a reader-rating system, and readers will be able to sort by other readers’ ratings.

Oh. And while my background is primarily in science fiction, we plan to publish in any and all genres: Mystery, horror, western, romance… Anything character-and-plot oriented.

Personally, I’m really excited about this new venture. And I want to hear from you. Our forum isn’t built yet, but in the meantime, you can email me at, follow us on Twitter @pulpcorner, and, soon, Like us on Facebook.


About Scott Epstein

I've consumed science fiction for as long as I can remember. I've written it since age 8. I founded and edited Proteus Continuum, a Science Fiction magazine, at Tufts University from 1990-1992. Professionally, I've worked in professional publishing for more than 17 years, in both editorial and marketing functions.
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