Not Sweating the Small Star Trek Stuff

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So I have seen the question come up—on IO9 for example—about the J. J. Abrams Star Trek re-boot why certain details—like personal appearance, starship design, etc., are different. Which is to say—why are things that developed before the appearance of the Narada changed, when the Narada’s appearance should be the branch-point.

And I thought about this; in terms of all the time-travel hijinks that take place starting with TOS. And even though every instance seems to end with the time-line restored, what if all of the major details of all of those incursions are restored at the end, but little details are altered?

And in the new Abrams-verse, those time travel incursions haven’t happened. And presumably many—even perhaps all of them—may not. And in fact might be replaced by alternate time incursions. And if, as above, while major factors might be restored and conserved, perhaps details—things that add up to planet-bound starship construction, or 1950s-inspired nacelle fins, or glass view screens.

All of which is a way of saying that these little things really don’t bother me. At least. Not nearly as much as “red matter.”

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